Khaleel Steir

Rookie (Hartford, Connecticut)

Khaleel Steir Poems

1. Alone 1/7/2012
2. Torn Apart 1/7/2012
3. Hidden Feelings 1/7/2012
4. The Future 4/19/2012
5. Your Betrayal 4/19/2012
6. In Love With A Jerk 4/19/2012
7. Semper Fi 4/19/2012
8. Wisdom 4/19/2012
9. Give Me Strength 4/19/2012
10. Rumors 4/19/2012
11. A Rainy Day 4/19/2012
12. Acquainted 4/21/2012
13. Good Day Sir 4/21/2012
14. Power Trip 4/21/2012
15. Self Control 4/21/2012
16. Love 4/22/2012
17. A Man Without Faith 4/22/2012
18. A Man On A Ledge 4/22/2012
19. Don'T Go 4/22/2012
20. Those Two People 4/22/2012
21. The Man 4/22/2012
22. Helpless Romantic 4/22/2012
23. The Middle Man 4/24/2012
24. Say What's Real 4/24/2012
25. Emptiness 5/15/2012
26. Another Day 5/18/2012
27. Broken 5/18/2012
28. That Night 9/17/2012
29. A Way Out 9/21/2012
30. The Transition 9/22/2012
31. Time To Think 9/24/2012
32. Fear 10/8/2012
33. Pushed 10/8/2012
34. Faithless 10/10/2012
35. Forgiveness 10/15/2012
36. Lost In My Mind 4/21/2012
37. Walking Alone 2/25/2013
38. My Angel 1/7/2012
39. Calculus 4/27/2012
40. The Silence Before Battle 4/19/2012

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Best Poem of Khaleel Steir

Trapped In My Mind

I’m lost in the dark labyrinth of my mind
For there is no way out, no exits, only dead ends
Why am I trapped here?
Help! Somebody please help me

These thoughts, they’re overwhelming me
As if I’m trapped in the undertow of the ocean, fighting to get back to the surface
Why must they torture me?
I feel as if they’re tearing the skin off my body

These dark thoughts show me my past
Like a highlight reel of those good times
No, those times weren’t so great
These thoughts flash that picture of her

That girl who’s hold binds me so, like a python ...

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The Unsung Hero

My hard work goes unnoticed for years. I'm a nobody.
I feel like Robin, Batman’s sidekick.
A pat on the back, at most. Why even try then?
So when will it be my turn? !
Wait. Could it be? Now that everyone is gone, I’m the ONE you need? !
Hold on now. When I’d have to jump through rings of fire to make us look good.
Why should I help you now? Why shouldn’t I just turn my back?
Just like you and everyone else did when I accomplished something.
Yeah, it hurts doesn’t it. Standing in t

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