Khalid Hameed

Khalid Hameed Poems

1. Lose All... 1/15/2010
2. Not The Punishment Of God.......... 1/18/2010
3. My Defeat 1/24/2010
4. I Don’t Wish To Be Friends With You! 2/8/2010
5. Haiti.... 2/9/2010
6. When I Am Gone.... 3/22/2010
7. No One But You.... 3/23/2010
8. Closure.... 4/27/2010
9. My Little Devil.... 4/27/2010
10. Camera 4/28/2010
11. Fight... 5/1/2010
12. I Am Still The Same..... 5/4/2010
13. Run In The Sun... 5/4/2010
14. Dark Angel..... 5/15/2010
15. Another Dream.. 5/17/2010
16. Wrong... 5/19/2010
17. Judgement... 5/20/2010
18. You Left Me For Dead 12/20/2009
19. The Other Side Of The Moon! ! 12/23/2009
20. I Looked At You.... 12/31/2009
21. I Know I Am Nobody To You! 1/13/2010
22. End My Chase 6/6/2010
23. Under The Sea... 6/11/2010
24. Come Talk To Me... 6/18/2010
25. All About What Reality Is? 6/24/2010
26. One... 7/9/2010
27. Déjà Vu... 7/10/2010
28. If There Is A God... 7/13/2010
29. One Summer Day..... 4/5/2010
30. Guilt.... 4/5/2010
31. Steel Cage... 7/14/2010
32. Creep... 9/27/2010
33. I Love You.... 10/11/2010
34. Be Nice..... 10/14/2010
35. Free.... 10/27/2010
36. Showers.... 11/1/2010
37. Destiny.... 11/1/2010
38. Winter.... 11/29/2010
39. New Beginning.......(Haiku) 12/19/2010
40. Get Out.... 12/20/2010

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Best Poem of Khalid Hameed

Plight Of A Migrant Worker.

wake up in the morning
head out to look
for work
stand in the corner of
the street
waiting for cars passing by
to pick you up
and take you to veg
as a day labor,
I am that forgiven one
that you need me
when you can’t find
as I fulfill your greed
of cheap labor
when I am not required
then you blame me
that I am a thief
stealing all the jobs
from a mythical
breed of workers
that no one has seen,
you treat me like a
pile of garbage
hire me and pay me
dirt cheap,
no human dignity for ...

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My Defeat

Yes, it is raining outside in St. Pete
but it’s been raining in my life forever
that makes it feel almost like a complete defeat
Here we go again on the same path
where you can just ignore and hurt me
and send towards me your never ending wrath

They say, “You can move mountains with true love”?
I can’t even breath, without the pain you inflicted upon me

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