Bronze Star - 2,575 Points [And so we move on the sun continues to shine]


121. A Rusty Gate In An Old Church-Yard 11/19/2014
122. Nothing On Earth Ever Hidden 11/26/2014
123. Young Graves 12/7/2014
124. A Thought Above A Heart 12/7/2014
125. I Was Lost In Wine And Wrote This 12/13/2014
126. I Am The Florist 12/30/2014
127. Rocks Of The Sea 1/12/2015
128. The Last Thought Of A Dying Parent 1/13/2015
129. Beginning Of The End 2/15/2015
130. Where Is The World? 2/16/2015
131. What Does Love Question? 2/18/2015
132. Between My Maiden And I 2/20/2015
133. Fools Of Love 2/23/2015
134. Biography Of A Coward 2/24/2015
135. My Identity 3/4/2015
136. The Sun Came By 3/9/2015
137. Late Returns 9/26/2015
138. Sit Where You Are And Then Rest 10/11/2015
139. Mindful Of Death 10/11/2015
140. Suddened By Death 10/19/2015
141. What About Children? 11/8/2015
142. Within The Walls 9/13/2017
143. I Care Not To Cry 9/22/2017
144. Damage In Somme 5/18/2018
145. Journey Man -new- 8/16/2018
146. Life Is A Waiting Dust -new- 8/16/2018
147. To A Girl Left Behind -new- 8/16/2018
148. To Men At War -new- 8/16/2018
149. Shepherd's Maiden -new- 8/16/2018
150. Lazy Little Eyes -new- 8/16/2018
151. Ditty To My Dying Country -new- 8/16/2018
152. Rhodes The Maniac -new- 8/16/2018
153. Poets And Rascals Don't Mix -new- 8/16/2018
154. Life Rhythm -new- 8/16/2018

Comments about KHAYA CLARENCE

  • Melikhaya Zagagana Melikhaya Zagagana (10/20/2014 5:46:00 AM)

    Besides being a writer of good and bad things. I am a human being with feelings, a father with courtesy. I might offend you accidentally or willingly, in-advance i'm sorry and i love all human kind unconditionally.

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  • Jenie Franksay Jenie Franksay (7/8/2013 12:25:00 AM)

    i must say u r a talented writer..
    keep penning sis.
    love ur poems.


Rat Bite Conspiracy

My knees are hardened,
like an elephant skin.
Hence another round
shall get my knees torn.
If i were a snake, i shall
be peeling off.
The monkeys are out about
from tree to tree with a
squeaky noise, tasting
the reflex of the branches.
the snakes are proud to emulate
and the rest is a conspiracy of
a rat bite.

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Raw Deal

I'm bleeding darling
my undecided destiny
unbecoming dreams and
delayed fortunes
Through the back alley
i fled away, i will not be
seeing your lazy morning
smiles; i fled with my
sack of myriad promises
though my bleeding heart is
readily missing in vain, i
must disappear without a knowing soul.

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