Bronze Star - 2,575 Points [And so we move on the sun continues to shine]


121. Bell Ringers 2/22/2014
122. Intyatyambo Yothando 10/20/2014
123. Crossing The Rubicon 11/5/2014
124. What Does Love Question? 2/18/2015
125. Biography Of A Coward 2/24/2015
126. Sorrow Everywhere 6/7/2014
127. Between My Maiden And I 2/20/2015
128. Beginning Of The End 2/15/2015
129. Where Is The World? 2/16/2015
130. My Identity 3/4/2015
131. Run Soldier Run 6/18/2013
132. Selflessness Redefined 6/21/2013
133. Late Returns 9/26/2015
134. I Care Not To Cry 9/22/2017
135. Young Graves 12/7/2014
136. Love Is Not My Trade 10/24/2014
137. Greed Is Useless 11/15/2014
138. Fools Of Love 2/23/2015
139. A Lament For True Heroes 10/27/2014
140. Not For Tears But Smile 7/23/2013
141. The Sun Came By 3/9/2015
142. The Man And The Mirror 9/20/2014
143. Vendors At Heart 9/7/2014
144. Romance 5/24/2014

Comments about KHAYA CLARENCE

  • Melikhaya Zagagana Melikhaya Zagagana (10/20/2014 5:46:00 AM)

    Besides being a writer of good and bad things. I am a human being with feelings, a father with courtesy. I might offend you accidentally or willingly, in-advance i'm sorry and i love all human kind unconditionally.

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  • Jenie Franksay Jenie Franksay (7/8/2013 12:25:00 AM)

    i must say u r a talented writer..
    keep penning sis.
    love ur poems.



Romance kills so much
a part of me i like;
romance makes me neglect
a part of me i care to love.

Romance bribes me away from
things i call priceless;
romance blind my eyes towards
life to see.

Romance blows all the winds away
and give rainless summer's and
humid winter nights.
Romance gives me roselets when
roses wither out in time.

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Run Soldier Run

Once a soldier always a little boy,
never grow to your full adulthood.

some find a way in the middle of a
chaotic storm and run for their lives.
and some eternally sink in the abyss.

Run soldier run, awake soldier awake.

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