Khristian E. Kay

Rookie (1962 - / Milwaukee, WI USA)

Biography of Khristian E. Kay

Khristian E. Kay poet

Khristian E. Kay is a storyteller; a teacher/poet. Generally considered to be controversial in subject matter because he pursues knowledge as the end all of existence. Khristian's work often stretches the limits of complacency digging into the cracks as it were of what constitutes idealism. While his work appears political and often satirical he utilizes the words as metaphorical rubber bullets: painful and bruising and only lethal at close range. See

Although a native of Milwaukee, WI and a systematic product of the inappropriately named 'MidWest' Khristian has lived in many western states and tends to feel a homesickness for the Pacific Northwest. A vocal advocate of education versus schooling, the nobility of educators versus 'teaching', Kay continues within the K-12 and post secondary classrooms teaching everything from English, Science, Multi-Media and Film, the Humanities, IS&T, math, art and just about everything in between. He has performed and lectured all over the country. Kay received a Foundation for the Arts Grant in 1997 to produce a rap version of Othello as written and performed by his adjudicated students at the state run boy's school.

Kay has edited and produced many small press periodicals and journals, and currently oversees the non-profit organization '' An organization dedicated to expanding the education and knowledge base of people concerning the risks of children and the transmission, prevention of AIDS, HIV, and STDs. He has written several books for teachers on teaching diverse student populations, including 'The 3 'Tells' and is also the author of several books and cds of original poetry and spoken word.

Khristian E. Kay's Works:

Gringo's (1991 Morgan Press)
The Furthering Adventures of Sonny Baretoes (1992 Morgan Press)
Highway Tourette's by Proxy (2005 SFUMATO Books)
I wouldn't pay to hear you sing (2007 BadGrrl Press) Updates


most times
I lie awake
and think of
the many ways
you could die

but then
there you are

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