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Natural Beauty

Flowing of water in a river
Dancing of fishes on pearls
All are the signs of natural beauty
Transparent nodule comming from sky


Took the pain for holding me,

When I was a worthless drop,

Sad And Belated Affection

Searching Solace

Born in the woods

Wild life everywhere

You And Me

Had you ever been mine

I would always be crying

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04 January 2015

Wake up and look behind, you will find a kingless world.

04 January 2015

I don't know who i am, neither i know where i came from, nor i know where i have to go, but i know that i am the ruler of my world.

04 January 2015

Music reveals you to yourself.

04 January 2015

Go deep into your imagination there lies the path.

07 January 2015

Dont bury your imagination, give vent to your thoughts through action.

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My name is not important, but who I am is

important.I come from the darkest place of

world. The only place where blood and water

equally flow in streams and rivers.

Though known as paradise on earth but inside

it is full of satanism. Crooks moving everywhere.

The only place where talents are not given

chance to prove the ...

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