Khyrstyana Jett

Rookie (4-6-94 / Hillsboro)

Biography of Khyrstyana Jett

ive had a very weird life but lately i try to stay outta trouble.
ive always been the one whos in trouble in my family.
just me and my bro that's the weird part only 2 outta 7. Updates

Im That Girl...

Walking around town you see girls looking at you whispering your wondering what they are saying about you some of them say look 'its that crazy girl' who 'screwed that NIGGER' I try to ignore the voices saying 'BEAT HER ASS' it never works I wait till that night she says look its.... she no more got the words out of her mouth and i snapped like a mad dog on speed.
It hurts knowing I'm the girl you all fear I'm the girl only he could 'love' I'm that girl he says dude she'll mess your world up no

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