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  • Kee Thampi (10/25/2006 4:15:00 AM)

    I really feel a whitish winged bird flying around me...this sky... is this a seashore where we feel - a saviour is coming
    '' ..but im felling so down and you wouldnt have a clue
    i have to be silent when you bagg me out to your friends
    and if i back chat to you im at my end
    but my self esteem is going down will it ever rise again
    i want to live life and be me
    i dont want to have to force a smile and i want to be happy

    I really in rumpus with a loving feel of this writes

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*****these Walls******

i have to put on a smile for a while
i have to pretend that everythings alright
but these walls are closing in and there getting closer every night
i have to stay away from my fears
i have to hide away my tears
but this pain is getting worse, every single day and every single year
i have to pretend im having a good day
i have to act like everythings ok
but im getting unfairly treated, but im to scared to have my say

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