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Nietzche wrote once in him book “Moral As Antinature”:

Finally, let us consider ingenuous into say: “The man would have to be of such or such way” The reality in the sample a charming wealth of types, an abundant profusion of games and changes of form - and a needy servant of a moralist comments: “Not! The man would have to be different.”

This devout pedante until knows as the man would have to be: it paints its picture in the wall and says: “Ecce homo! (here it is the man) ” But exactly when the moralist about only him personal condutctand says “you to it would have to be of such and such way! ”, not yet it leaves of being ridicule.

The human being, seen for the front or backwards, is a piece of destination, a law more, a necessity more to that it has to come and will be. To say to it “changes you” is to demand exactly that everything is changed, retroactive. E really had consequent moralistas that they desired to become the different man, that is, virtuoso - they desired remodelled it to its proper image, as pedante: e, for such end, denied the world!

The no small madness! No modest type of modéstia!

I will never arrive close to the ideas of it and other philosophers, nor to initiate a revolution, but I am proud the sufficient one to look a spark of intelligence, blow the holy ghost or of the same demon in my unconscious one.

Perhaps these ideas are fruit of the electricity of the atoms compose that me, or devaneios provoked for ammonia or some drug, perhaps. Perhaps but also this is some thing that makes sensible for somebody, somebody that is in a hospice taking electric shocks.

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