Kiesha Smith

Rookie (Toledo Ohio)

Biography of Kiesha Smith

Young in the flesh, well matured at heart. Some may like me, some may not. Some can say I'm confused, some may even say I'm weird/delusional. People may say that I'm a shy person. Only God can judge me, so anyone that feels that they can judge me they better think again because you don't know me or you will never understand me. People think that they can talk about me, but they're not going to like it when they are getting talked about. Never be one to be critical when you don't like to be criticized yourself. Updates

Who Am I?

You may see me
Dark skin, brown eyes
There may be more to me than it seems
But who am I
Am I more than just a girl
Who walks alone with nowhere to go
Or am I just another lonely soul
Shy of the world who stays in a corner
They tell me to come out of the shell

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