kiki KEYKEY amador

Rookie (may 11,1967 / long beach, california)

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41. Gangsta Whispher... Dissillusioned 7/4/2008
42. Gangsta Whispher Tonight Tonight 7/4/2008
43. Gangsta Whispher Who Is This 7/4/2008
44. Gangsta Whispher The Simple Escape 7/4/2008
45. Gangsta Whispher After The Pain 7/4/2008
46. Gangsta Whispher Neva Eva Happi 7/4/2008
47. Gangsta Whispher..Did I Hear U Right U Said I Was Crazi 8/2/2008
48. Gangsta Whispher..Shhh Im Speechless 8/3/2008
49. Gangsta Whisphers... Please Help Me... 8/3/2008
50. Gangsta Whispher...It Just Hurts In The Heart 8/4/2008
51. Cuz Of U Im Laughing Again 2/22/2008
52. My Favorite Gangsta Whispher I Ever Wrote....Xoxoxo 2/22/2008
53. Gangsta Whispher Why Did I Wait... 3/22/2008
54. Gangsta Whispher Wat To Do 3/22/2008
55. Gangsta Whispher Hate.... 3/22/2008
56. Gangsta Whispher One Long Whispher 3/22/2008
57. Gangsta Whispher...Im No Longer Yours... 3/26/2008
58. Gangsta Whispher...Myself 3/26/2008
59. Gangsta Whispher...Just Gooooo 3/26/2008
60. Gangsta Whispher....Only One God 3/26/2008
61. A Gangsta Whispher 2 Have And 2 Hold 3/29/2008
62. So Angry 2/8/2007
63. Ull Never B Alone 2/8/2007
64. If 2morow Never Comes 8/19/2007
65. A Gangsta Whispher 8/19/2007
66. In My Mind 8/19/2007
67. Im So Scared 8/19/2007
68. Gangsta Whisphers... Thoughts Of You... 8/4/2008
69. Gangsta Whispher... Just For One Night 8/4/2008
70. Gangsta Whispher Love U Forever 8/6/2008
71. Gangsta Whispher I Love You 8/6/2008
72. Gangsta Whispher Just One Night 8/6/2008
73. Gangsta Whispher Shhh Speechcless 8/6/2008
74. Gangsta Whisphers...Celebritys...Watever... 8/7/2008
75. Gangsta Whispher U Knew All Along 8/8/2008
76. Gangsta Whisphers Ahh All Those Singers 8/8/2008
77. Gangsta Whispher..Dont Understand Any Longer 9/3/2008
78. Gangsta Whispher...Completion... 9/3/2008
79. Gangsta Whispher... Are They The Ones That Are Crazi Or Us 9/3/2008
80. Gangsta Whispher...Once In Our Lifetime 9/3/2008

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Broken Heart...Xoxoxo

i thought i heard a lulaby
soft spoken helplessly in the dark
it was that the sound of angels
crying somewhere for a broken heeaarrtt
i thought i dreamt about you
but all along u were right here
the muddy windows of my heart
have suddenly become so clear
broken dreams and thick cigars
burn away in a wisp of smoke
i wish you held me tight babee
i can pretend life is not a joke
i thought i heard u laughing
but it was the north wind
if i wish hard on a falling star
maybe you will love me again


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Ull Never B Alone

Friends will come and friends will go
The seasons will change and it will show
I will age and so will you
When your times are filled with troubles sadness grief or even doubt
When all those things you planned on
Just arent turning out
Just turn and look behind you
From the place at which you stand
And look at me through the shadwows

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