killed killa

Rookie (date of death is 14/11/1523 / Turkey)

Biography of killed killa

Im a vampire and if you want to be my friend just ask i dont bite

killed killa's Works:

greece, Egypt, the life of a vampire Updates

Hated Octopus

1 leg 2 leg 3 leg 4 who's that knocking at my door 5 leg 6 leg 7 leg 8 IT'S THAT OCTOPUS THAT I HATE 9 leg 10 leg 11 leg 12 but where the hell is he now, harpoons, harpoons, harpoon there harpoons, harpoons everywhere, where is he, his in the sea he needs to learn his 123.
Hated Octopus everywhere hated octopus that's not fair someone threw a pair at ya

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