Kim Barney

Gold Star - 178,029 Points (Oct 6 / I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit)

Biography of Kim Barney

27 February 2020
Poem Hunter, thank you for choosing my poem " Two Chipmunks" as member poem of the day. This is the seventh poem of mine that you have selected for this honor.

3 February 2020
My monthly Contest has been cancelled because of lack of interest. Linda Bella Wassermeister has finally won the September 2018 contest, which had gone unsolved for a year and five months. See the " Poem" called CONTEST RESULTS for more information.

My name is Kim Barney, and I am male, father of four, grandfather of eighteen, and great-grandfather of five. I have four great-grandsons, and my first great-granddaughter was just born on Monday the second day of March 2020.



The Bird Feeder
Second Place, Utah State Poetry Society Spring Contest
Category 35: Introduction Category


Utah State Poetry Society Spring Contest

The English Sonnet
Second Place
Category 14: LeRoy Meagher Sonnet

Those Letters
Second Honorable Mention
Category 16: Vesta Crawford Short Poem

Went to the ocean
Third Honorable Mention
Category 31: Haiku

2017 continued

NFSPS National Federation of State Poetry Societies Contests

Billy Collins
Third Honorable Mention
Contest 49: The Jessica C. Saunders Memorial Award


Utah State Poetry Society Spring Contest

Special Recognition
Category 18: Hungry Poets

A Marvelous Hunting Dog
Third Honorable Mention
Category 19: Pat Bader and Pat Kimber Memorial

Cousin Dan
Third Place
Category 27: Lloyd Murray Light Verse

2018 continued

NFSPS National Federation of State Poetry Societies Contests

A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind
Third Place
Contest 33: Minute Award

Second Place
Contest 37: Humorous Poetry Award

Armchair Adventures
Third Place
Contest 48: Miriam S. Strauss Memorial Award


UTSPS Utah State Poetry Society
Spring Contest

Healthiest Town Ever Found
First Place
Category 4: Betty Fowler Memorial
38 entries

Mother’s Dream
First Honorable Mention
Category 5: Webb-Kohler Memorial
48 entries

Taken Too Soon
First Place
Category 6: Word Weavers Award
53 entries

My Amazing Grandpa
Special Recognition
Category 15: Mary Ann Wiseman Memorial
46 entries

Old Mac
Third Honorable Mention
Category 16: Wood Memorial
28 entries

Sail On
Third Honorable Mention
Category 18: Von J. Barney Memorial
32 Entries

Dying for a Cookie
First Place
Category 24: Leroy Meagher Humor
45 entries

Give Me an Hour’s Notice
Third Honorable Mention
Category 30: Love Poem
43 entries

2019 Continued

NFSPS Contests

Mischievous Toys
Seventh Honorable Mention
Contest 9: The Children's Hour Award
118 entries

Wishful Fishing
Third Place
Contest 33: Minute Award
75 entries

2019 continued

Arizona State Poetry Society Annual Contest

Baseball in Heaven
First Place
Category 8: Humor

Dying for a Cookie
Second Place
Category 8: Humor

Terrified Taxi Driver
Third Place
Category 8: Humor

2nd Honorable Mention
Category 8: Humor

The Arizona State Poetry Society did not reveal how many poems were entered in each category.

Last UPDATED 3 March 2020

Kim Barney's Works:

None, but I have some titles in mind:

Nobody was Anywhere

The Lady with her Head on Backwards

I Learned to Swear at Grandma's Rook Club

Peking Tom

Memories Of Mother

It's more than fifty
years now she's been gone.
She went to heaven and
left us all alone.
Downwinders we were,
or so they called us
years later when they
found out what happened.
A small Utah town

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