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  • ''Yesterday does not define you, it only indicates your past choices.''
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  • ''I KNOW That...
    I really don't know anything about anything.

    I BELIEVE That...
    Sometimes nothing matters, and sometimes everything matters.

    Consequences for a person's intentional actions and intentional non-actions are important.

    btw: If you love someone, act like it! ; -)''
  • ''Poets create worlds through a minimal of words.''
  • ''Our thoughts are as powerful as our words. When you commit to a negative thought process, you actualize a derogatory subconsciousness and reality.''
  • ''When two souls are comfortable in their own skin as individuals, they may merge into a mutually repectful and loving union whereby they will enhance each others' lives without detriment.''
  • ''A moment of powerlessness may invoke a lifetime of powerfulness.''
  • ''Think It * Speak It * Believe It * Achieve It

    Motto for The Woman's 'All About Me' Session(AAMe) Packet and Website
  • ''There is
    no point in
    benefit from
    revisiting the past
    the people from it
    keep moving
    and improving.

    Goodbye 2016!
  • ''We are energy with frequency of spiritual bodies that temporarily inhabit physiques in the material realm to advance our souls through learning to love at the most purest level while existing on the most primal plane.

    Kim Hilliker''
  • ''A person must advocate well for her/himself in order to pursue the possibility of personal preservation and/or social rectification.


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Nature, Nurture And Self-Esteem

Blessed are those who naturally possess
a strong sense of self and solid self-esteem.
- This is nature at its best.
Vulnerable are those who solely succumb to
relying on extrinsic forces to consider their self-worth.
- This calls for nurturing in its most primal state.
If children grow up being enjoyed rather than tolerated,
They learn to accept themselves and others.
If children are liked as well as loved,
They feel like they fit in the world;
They have a sense of belonging.
If children are talked 'to' rather than 'at, '
They find their own voice. ...

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Blessing To My Daughter

I remember when my daughter was born,
She had such an adorable face
She was the best companion ever, so
I dragged her all over the place
She had the kindest spirit I'd ever known
And courage like that of a lion
She was so smart that she breezed through
School without ever really tryin'
Graced with looks, brains and personality,

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