Kim Hilliker

Kim Hilliker Quotes

  • ''Yesterday does not define you, it only indicates your past choices.''
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  • ''I KNOW That...
    I really don't know anything about anything.

    I BELIEVE That...
    Sometimes nothing matters, and sometimes everything matters.

    Consequences for a person's intentional actions and intentional non-actions are important.

    btw: If you love someone, act like it! ; -)''
  • ''Poets create worlds through a minimal of words.''
  • ''Our thoughts are as powerful as our words. When you commit to a negative thought process, you actualize a derogatory subconsciousness and reality.''
  • ''When two souls are comfortable in their own skin as individuals, they may merge into a mutually repectful and loving union whereby they will enhance each others' lives without detriment.''
  • ''A moment of powerlessness may invoke a lifetime of powerfulness.''
  • ''Think It * Speak It * Believe It * Achieve It

    Motto for The Woman's 'All About Me' Session(AAMe) Packet and Website
  • ''There is
    no point in
    benefit from
    revisiting the past
    the people from it
    keep moving
    and improving.

    Goodbye 2016!
  • ''We are energy with frequency of spiritual bodies that temporarily inhabit physiques in the material realm to advance our souls through learning to love at the most purest level while existing on the most primal plane.

    Kim Hilliker''
  • ''A person must advocate well for her/himself in order to pursue the possibility of personal preservation and/or social rectification.


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Best Poem of Kim Hilliker

When You Think Of Me

The time has come for me to go
It's time now to move on
‘Tis the end of watching sunsets
And seeing morning's dawn
Don't shed tears on my depart
Or mourn the death that's mine
Just merrily please celebrate
With eat and drink and wine
You and I shall meet again
At another time and place,
And our union will be marked
By a familiar smiling face
When you speak of me until then,
Don't glorify my name;
Rather yet, be honest,
And keep my memory the same
As for now what you must do
Is keep on keeping on
Without dwelling upon the reasons

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I have a pain so profound that I cannot name it
I try to ignore it, but I'm forced to claim it
It's a gut wrenching sorrow that only grows
An affliction that absolute misery knows
There's dejection in every breath that I take
And torment controls every move that I make
Love has abandoned me and pulverized my heart
Faith has done nothing but tear me apart
My spirit is faded and my soul has turned bleak

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