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Heyla all, i'm 17 and a senior in highschool. I'm one of those weird, out there kids who everyone looks at and goes 'Oh my god, look at her... What is wrong with her? ' I'm what most would label as 'gothic', and yea i guess i'm a little stereotypical, seeming as how writing peotry is a stereotypical attribute of 'goths'. But me, i'm not into labels, and i could care less what people think of me. It just makes me laugh sometimes, the things people come up with just because you're a little weird. For example, Wrong Stereotypes about me: pot smoking, drinking and general drug usage (you'd have to kill me first before i got that shit ANYWHERE near me) : worshipping Satan (oh YES, hail satan *rolls eyes*) : doing it for attention (hardly, that's the LAST thing i want) : depressed all the time (hey, it happens to the best of us once in a while) : wears black all the time (partially true, i do wear black alot, but i also wear red, purple, sky blue, green, grey, white, and BRIGHT pink, so don't give me that crap) ... yea anyways, I read alot. I love to draw, paint, etc. I greatly enjoy writing (as you can gather by my posting of the peotry: \) So yea, Welcome to the insanity that is me...

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