Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

Rookie (July 14,1965 / New York)

Kimbaline Navas (she who waits) Poems

41. If You Are 4/25/2009
42. In Your Eyes (I Can See) 4/25/2009
43. From Time To Time 4/25/2009
44. My Life 4/25/2009
45. It’s All About You 4/25/2009
46. Running From Yourself 4/25/2009
47. It Hurts 4/25/2009
48. Your Smile 4/25/2009
49. Seduction 4/25/2009
50. Instant Love 4/25/2009
51. If It's Not Me 4/25/2009
52. To Forgive Is Divine 4/25/2009
53. Allow Me Too Free My Mind 4/25/2009
54. Like A Book 4/25/2009
55. The Warning 4/25/2009
56. I Will Fear No More 4/25/2009
57. I Am A Predator 4/28/2009
58. Your Stroking Hands 5/1/2009
59. Mother 5/8/2009
60. I Was Lost 5/20/2009
61. I Am Still Missing You 5/28/2009
62. When It Is My Time 5/28/2009
63. I Can Not Image 5/28/2009
64. The Passage Way 5/28/2009
65. Into Deep 5/28/2009
66. I Can’t Breathe 5/28/2009
67. I Love You 5/28/2009
68. For Lover Only 5/29/2009
69. Soul Mate 6/2/2009
70. Writers Block 6/5/2009
71. Let It Burn 6/5/2009
72. What Beauty To See 7/25/2009
73. Miss You 8/31/2009
74. Empty Room 9/18/2009
75. God Sent An Angel 12/22/2009
76. In Her Arms 3/21/2010
77. Brother 3/22/2010
78. Lifeline 4/15/2010
79. In The Mist 7/2/2010
80. Just Look 6/18/2009
Best Poem of Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

There Is A Reason For Every Season

I have finely realized what this mean: there is a reason for each and every season, friends will come and go lovers may also but with every season God has his reason…

There is a reason, why we have each and every season. We maybe ware of the season why, but God knows his reason so please try not to ask the question why.

Maybe your new found friend will give you compassion, but your lover will give you a reason to move to a new level of love.

Your friend will give you sight and your lover will show you what is right.

Your friend will show you how to make your move, ...

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You Lose

You lose not me…
One morning you will awaking and I will be gone no where to be found, and if you think for one moment that I will feel as if I lost you will be wrong because you will be the last person that I will think about.

You lose…
Maybe no body told you but this game was made for winners.

As you took my love for granted, my kindness as a sign of weakness, so now it is time that I walk away and inform you that this game is over and I am done.

You m

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