Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

Rookie (July 14,1965 / New York)

Kimbaline Navas (she who waits) Poems

41. If You Are 4/25/2009
42. In Your Eyes (I Can See) 4/25/2009
43. From Time To Time 4/25/2009
44. My Life 4/25/2009
45. It’s All About You 4/25/2009
46. Running From Yourself 4/25/2009
47. It Hurts 4/25/2009
48. Your Smile 4/25/2009
49. Seduction 4/25/2009
50. Instant Love 4/25/2009
51. If It's Not Me 4/25/2009
52. To Forgive Is Divine 4/25/2009
53. Allow Me Too Free My Mind 4/25/2009
54. Like A Book 4/25/2009
55. The Warning 4/25/2009
56. I Will Fear No More 4/25/2009
57. I Am A Predator 4/28/2009
58. Your Stroking Hands 5/1/2009
59. Mother 5/8/2009
60. I Was Lost 5/20/2009
61. I Am Still Missing You 5/28/2009
62. When It Is My Time 5/28/2009
63. I Can Not Image 5/28/2009
64. The Passage Way 5/28/2009
65. Into Deep 5/28/2009
66. I Can’t Breathe 5/28/2009
67. I Love You 5/28/2009
68. For Lover Only 5/29/2009
69. Soul Mate 6/2/2009
70. Writers Block 6/5/2009
71. Let It Burn 6/5/2009
72. What Beauty To See 7/25/2009
73. Miss You 8/31/2009
74. Empty Room 9/18/2009
75. God Sent An Angel 12/22/2009
76. In Her Arms 3/21/2010
77. Brother 3/22/2010
78. Lifeline 4/15/2010
79. In The Mist 7/2/2010
80. Just Look 6/18/2009

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Im A Strong Woman

I have stood firm through my storm and I am still standing
I have rolled down many hills only to find myself standing back up, dust myself off and just to keep it pushing
I have fought through the hardest time in my life only to shine like the strong woman that stands before you now
I have cried a million tears and felt like life was not worth living only to get up the next day to see that the tears had dried up and a new day has come.
I am a strong woman to every part of my soul; I may not look like it but walk a day in my shoes then tell me.
I have seen things that you ...

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Last Night

Hello Love,
how are you doing? Last night I wiped the tears from your eyes but they did not stop,
I looked over your shoulder and I seen you was holding a picture of us and I realize at that point you can not see me, I know you can feel my present I am still here with you.

I listened to your cries and I can feel the sorrows that you are holding inside but please remember all the good years that we shared and never forget I will always love you.

Last night I walked into the room and yo

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