Kimberly Atwood

Rookie (November 29,1997 / Holland, Michigan)

Biography of Kimberly Atwood

Hello, howdydo, and how are you? I'm a 10th grader who loves to write. Anything, really. Short stories, prose, poems, novels, How-To books, the whole enchilada. But just poems on here. I hope to pursue a writing career, and if not that then philsophy. My favorite animal is the elephant, and my back-up is the hyena. I enjoy making my friends laugh, so I guess I could be called a comedian. I enjoy Math, Launguage Arts and Usage, and Art classes. I draw when I have time, and hope to be an illustrator of sorts. I am Christian. My favorite colors are... um... blue, green, and purple. (And in that order!) Favorite food would probably have to be mashed potatoes, hands down. And anything sugary. I like to visit the local library regularly, and I enjoy long bike rides. If you want me to read your poems, mesage me! I'd be happy to read, comment, vote, and critque any poems. Thanks! Updates

This Friendship

This friendship
Is beautiful,
Healthy and strong.
It's something I think about
All night long.

This friendship
Is awesome,
Fabulous and loved.

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