Kimberly Burnham

Biography of Kimberly Burnham

A current project is collecting translations for the word peace, paix, vrede, damai, mir, shalam, salaam and... in over 3000 languages and writing poems about each one.

Life spirals. As a 28-year-old photographer, Kimberly Burnham appreciated beauty. Then an ophthalmologist diagnosed her with a genetic eye condition saying, " Consider what your life will be like if you become blind." Devastating words trickling down into her soul, she discovered a healing path with insight, magnificence, and vision. Today, a poet and neurosciences expert with a PhD in Integrative Medicine, Kimberly's life mission is to change the face of global brain health. Using health coaching, poetry, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, and energy medicine, she supports people in their healing from brain, nervous system, chronic pain, and eyesight issues.

Kimberly Burnham's Works:

Parkinson's Alternatives, Walk Better, Sleep Deeper, Move Consciously: Solutions from Nature's Sensational Medicine. Updates

Pull Of The Moon

Moon light reflected
outwardly pulls on tiny waves
inwardly draws me towards home
like a group of women
beaching a boat
hearts open to the share experiences
pushing and pulling
each with her own
insecurities wondering