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hi! I've been writing poetry for probably as long as I have been able to write. I've only shared them with very few people, people closest to me. Each and every poem is one of my babies, and I've forever been terrified to 'put them out there' for fear of rejection or even worse, ridicule! My mother swears that upon my demise, she intends to publish them and make a million...I very much doubt that! ! ! My Grandmother, who I loved more than life itself was also a poet. I recently learned my Aunt Jo is one as well..she's the one who turned me on to this site (author name: Jo Carey..check her out!) I wrote most of these long ago, it seems my muse has disappeared on me, so I do have an opening! ! ! I've tried and TRIED to upload pics, but mine are all too big: (you can check some out at under trinity66, or yahoo messenger, trinity66_03, which is also my email at yahoo. Please, each and every comment is so tremendously appreciated, especially the nicer ones :) I'm glad to be here and definitely look forward to adding much more. Thanks again for checking me out! Breathe deep & seek peace

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still working on it, BUT I do have friends that have been published! Updates

In The Land Of Far Away

In the land of far away
and nevermore
we share each other
a mere touch
has infinite meaning
a whisper echoes
through eternity
the sun's golden rays
claim us, mark us

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