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Rookie ( i really have to tell? ? ? ? ? / good ole Virginny)

kimberly craig Poems

1. In The Land Of Far Away 4/14/2006
2. Night Time Is Drawing Nigh 4/14/2006
3. The Bewitching Hour Has Come And Gone 4/14/2006
4. A Dusty Blue 4/14/2006
5. Will You Be That Special One 4/14/2006
6. Spring Will Soon Be Here Again 4/14/2006
7. Never Has There Been 4/14/2006
8. In A World Of Magic 4/14/2006
9. My Body Pleads For Slumber 4/14/2006
10. By Day, I Am Yours 4/15/2006
11. Letter To You 4/15/2006
12. Here I Sit 4/15/2006
13. The Tick Of A Clock 4/15/2006
14. O You 4/15/2006
15. I Was A Child 4/15/2006
16. Words Unspoken 4/15/2006
17. I See Your Gentle Smile 4/22/2006
18. I Am Amazed 4/22/2006
19. I'M Groping For Words 4/22/2006
20. A Seed Is Planted 4/22/2006
21. I Have Returned 4/22/2006
22. In The Cloud Covered Night 4/22/2006
23. Tonight, The Clock Blinks Its Digital Green 4/28/2006
24. 3: 45 Am, Where Is My Sleep Hiding 4/28/2006
25. Pots & Pans 4/28/2006
26. Whirlpools Of Water 4/28/2006
27. I Smoke Unfiltered 4/28/2006
28. Starlight Paints The Midnight Sky 4/28/2006
29. Questions Run So Deep Inside 4/28/2006
30. Slepp Is Sneaking Close To Me 4/28/2006
31. Who Are You 4/28/2006
32. From Where Did You Come 4/28/2006
33. You Came Bouncing Right Into My Life 4/28/2006
34. I Want So To Believe You 4/29/2006
35. Never Have I Known 4/29/2006
36. Where Are You? 4/29/2006
37. The Moment I Looked Into Your Eyes 4/22/2006
38. Counting The Stars In A Country Sky 4/22/2006
39. I Lose Myself Within Your Eyes 4/22/2006

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  • Bill Smith (8/3/2006 12:06:00 AM)

    This is some good stuff. Have you ever written a poem simply about waiting? Like something really short for example = As I sit and wit for you- I feel worry- I feel anger - I feel sad-? ? ? I would like to see you try and do something real short that packs a punch.

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Best Poem of kimberly craig

I Lose Myself Within Your Eyes

i lose myself within your eyes
i feel as though i drown
but when i kiss your gentle lips
salvation has been found
your warmth does bring me back to life
an oasis in the dunes
i'm alive as long as i'm in your arms
under a lovers' moon
your kisses how they linger
so lucky that is for me
no telliing if we'll meet again
or when that if might be

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By Day, I Am Yours

By day, I am yours, thoughts of you
overpower my own
but in the stillness of the night
my fantasy begins
dreams spin in my head
pulling me down
oh, how i wanthim
my dream lover
he comes to me in my sleep

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