Kimberly Hope

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Kimberly Hope Poems

41. I'M A Man 3/26/2015
42. Dreaming 3/26/2015
43. Just For Who You Are 3/26/2015
44. You'Re All I Want 3/25/2015
45. Letting You Go 3/25/2015
46. Return To Me, My Love 3/25/2015
47. One Last Night, One Last Gift 3/25/2015
48. My Strength Appears When You Disappear 3/25/2015
49. Lying By Society 3/25/2015
50. Leave Me Alone 3/25/2015
51. Freedom&Pain 3/25/2015
52. I Feel, But... 3/25/2015
53. Falsely Interpreted 3/25/2015
54. Best Friends 3/25/2015
55. Change 3/25/2015
56. As We Meet 3/25/2015
57. If You Only Knew 3/25/2015
58. Tomorrows Pain, Tonight 3/25/2015
59. You'Re The Great Revolution 3/25/2015
60. Why I Loved And Still Do! 3/25/2015
61. Simply Smiling 3/26/2015
62. Baby Boy Wonders 3/25/2015
63. For You, I Give All My Beauty 3/25/2015
64. I Only Want You 3/25/2015
65. A Lie Well Lived 3/25/2015
66. Simply Amazing 3/26/2015
67. Love 3/26/2015
68. Memories. Memories. Memories. 3/25/2015
69. Missing You 3/25/2015
70. As Long As I Love You 3/25/2015
71. Run 3/25/2015
72. Seeing Prey 3/25/2015
73. A Frightening Nightmare 3/25/2015
Best Poem of Kimberly Hope

A Frightening Nightmare

I had a nightmare about you,
but their is nothing I can do.
I think that I ought to tell you,
only it's frightened me.
Frightened me so much;
I can not cry,
I am afraid to talk of anything,
in secret I am shaking wildly,
it feels as if my chest has been stabbed thoroughly.
This nightmare can not even be remembered,
yet is is so strong
that I can not even think straight,
it has frightened past relieving capabilities.
I don't understand any of this,
why would this happen?
Why me, you, even us?
Maybe if I can just let go;
let the ...

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A Lie Well Lived

You walk around the school as if your life is perfect, a fantasy, and you're utterly happy. You make up exciting stories to tell your friends, and your peers in order to make your home life sound well and adventurous. Thus allowing you to feel good, special, even loved for a couple of hours every day. You dread returning home every day after school

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