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Kimberly Kay Day is the Author of several published books listed on Amazon. Kimberly is associated with Virginia McKenna of the Born Free Foundation and Tippi Hedren of The Shambala Preserve. Both have copies of Kimberly's books and praise her for her creative work and knowledge of history as well as her involvement in playing a part in educating others on wildlife.

Kimberly Kay Day's Works:

The Secret For Finding Peace (2015): Nal-A-Tudes (2015): Michael In Foreverland; A Society Gone Forever, A Family History Embedded In Her Soul Updates

Gardening Is Magic

Gardening is magic as seedlings grow into beautiful flowers that bloom with beautiful colors.
The fragrant smell of flowers are all around us.
Gardening is magic...
As one watches a flower grow from a tiny stem into a large beautiful plant and flower.
Gardening is magic...
It fills the soul and the yard like a beautiful painting.
Gardening is magic...
And has been since the beginning.
it fills our hearts with wonder and happiness to see such beauty all around.

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