Kimberly Keys

Rookie (Bowling Green, OH)

Biography of Kimberly Keys

I am a school counselor and I enjoy writing poetry. I find that expressing difficult emotions is much easier through getting feelings out this way. I also am an artist, enjoying oil painting, pottery, drawing portraits. I love to travel; having gone to Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain last summer for three weeks. This summer to Australia and New Zealand for three weeks. Learning about cultural differences and appreciating those differences is a passion of mine.

Kimberly Keys's Works:

I'm working on one right now. At this time I have only published poetry. Updates


Convoluted feelings, jumbled thoughts
Twisted scenarios, too many doubts
A day that is missed by others uncared
A life so amiss that nothing is shared

Too many emotions ignored, passed by
Quiet abandon, too afraid to cry
The dark of night a mere glimmer of day
All consuming sadness as the soul slips away

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