Kimberly Lindsey

Rookie (March 10 / Texas)

Biography of Kimberly Lindsey

Kimberly Lindsey poet

I am a mother and grandmother. I am a writer of poems, short stories, and attempting the novel.

I have written since I was a child, and find it therapeutic, as well as enjoyable.

I tend to write with feeling as the major point, but, also fantasy.

Kimberly Lindsey's Works:

I have no published material as of this time. I am however working on several projects; I just finished what I would like to be my first children's book. As soon as I get the editing and corrections completed, I will send it out, and see what I can find! Wish me luck! Still have bot begun the editing.... Perhaps soon.... Updates

The Cheater

I remember the day, on the front porch.
It was about midnight, and I was so tired, yet did not leave till four.
The next day I had class, and I thought of you all day,
As tired as I was, I could barely stay awake.

The next time we spoke, we had dinner and fell,
It was two in the morn’n when the phone rang its bell.
An accident had taken the life of your driver,
So I drove you to town, it was a night like no other.

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