Kimberly Santistevan

Rookie (Aug 11 / Colorado)

Kimberly Santistevan Poems

41. This Painting 2/17/2007
42. No One 3/5/2007
43. One Last Thought Of You 2/17/2007
44. One Unexpected Call 2/17/2007
45. Nevaeh J. 2/17/2007
46. To You, Dad 2/17/2007
47. You Can Say What You Want To Say 8/31/2007
48. My Kind Of Love With You 9/5/2007
49. Tell Me Why! 6/7/2007
50. Three Weeks Since A Single Word 6/9/2007
51. Untitled 7/5/2007
52. My Love For You 3/18/2007
53. You Are The Only One 2/20/2007
54. You Are My Heaven 4/24/2007
55. Torn Feelings 4/27/2007
56. Strong Love Between Me And You 5/4/2007
57. What Is Love? 2/25/2007
58. You Are The Reason 8/27/2007
59. These Raindrops Of Mine 3/6/2007
60. Torn In The Middle 2/26/2007
61. Thinking Of What Used To Be; Our Love 2/17/2007
62. Thinking Of You, My First Love 2/17/2007
63. Thinking Of That Day 2/17/2007
64. There For Me, There For You 2/15/2007
65. What I Know About You And I 2/15/2007
66. Thank You, Baby... 2/15/2007
67. Some Things Change For The Better 2/15/2007
68. My Nightmare Of The Monster, Me 2/15/2007
69. My Heart Keeps Failing 2/1/2007
70. You Just Don'T Know Him Like I Do 2/15/2007
71. You'Re What I Need 2/15/2007
72. To You, Unborn Child 2/17/2007
73. Thinking Of The Past 2/17/2007
74. That Day Is Getting Closer 2/17/2007
75. You Have Lied To Me All Along, You Liar! 2/17/2007
76. Thinking About How Much I Love You 3/8/2007
77. They Don'T Know Our Love 2/21/2007
78. I Want You To Be The One 2/15/2007
79. Dear Grandpa Joe 2/17/2007
80. Love 5/16/2007
Best Poem of Kimberly Santistevan

A Girl Like Me

A girl like me will make your world better
A girl like me will make you happy
A girl like me will make you smile everyday.

A girl like me will surround only you in my world
A girl like me will make you laugh nonstop
A girl like me will make time for you.

A girl like me will sit and listen to your words
A girl like me will not play games with you or your heart
A girl like me will always be true to you.

A girl like me will talk to you all night
A girl like me will be the one you can count on to be there for you
A girl like me will always be down for ...

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My Heart Keeps Failing

People see me as nothing
They try and make me change to something.
I’m not going to change for them
In the end I am alone
And here on my own.

Take me as you see me
Make me smile
Make me happy.

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