Kimbra St. Martin

Biography of Kimbra St. Martin

I write because I have to, laugh because laughter is the best medicine, love because there is nothing to this life without love.
As a child growing up in the 50's and 60's I experienced the beginning of the civil rights movement, war protests, women's liberation, gay rights and the end of innocence as we in America had known it.
Moving from a life on our horse ranch of almost a hundred acres overlooking San Pablo Bay to a small home nestled in one of town's first subdivisions was a turning point.
Traveling to other parts of the world has taught me that people are the same no matter where I am and we all want the same basics in life. The scenery changes but human nature is constant.
As a mother of two and former foster mother to twenty-one, I've seen lives changed with simple acts of kindness. I've also seen lives change when evil prevails, losing my home and life savings while in my mid-fifties to unscrupulous greedy and soulless bastards who defrauded hundreds of people millions of dollars.
But life goes on, there is goodness in the world, and I'm happy to great each new day as an opportunity to be a part of the change I'd like to see in this world. Updates


She and her horse moved with fluid and grace
And pure joy was written all over her face.
The big bay was handsome and loved being ridden,
He did what was asked - just as she'd bidden.
Whether working the ring or riding the trails
Calm, sunny and balmy or blowing wet gales
There was a trust and a bond that couldn't be broken.
A slight body movement with words never spoken
Seamlessly changed their course or the gait;

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