Kimy Chan

Biography of Kimy Chan

I am Hazel Malfoy.
.. but that is only my pen name..
Anyway, I love making poems.. especially when inspired..
I make a lot of poems when inspired!
and making poems is my way of expressing myself..
I live in the Philippines..
but outer space would be more preferable..
My age is censored.. I can't let you all see it, .. I'm too young to die..

My favorite poet is.. ME! !
but I like Edgar Allan Poe as well..
Hmm.. I make short stories too.. but I never finished them..
So i make poems instead..
That's all..
Thanks! ^^

Kimy Chan's Works:

Huh? Oh, none at all.. Updates


I loved him with my whole heart
But he broke it and left a mark
That closed my heart temporarily
That made me cry desperately

And then I found someone
That I thought will be my one
But I was wrong, depressingly wrong
He's not the one I've been waiting for so long