King Big Head

Rookie (1847 / The Tower)

Biography of King Big Head

My name is King Big Head, I was born in 1847,
and I still look good. I will put poems on for you
to look at, I know you will never be as good at poetry
as me but it does not mean you can't have pipe dreams.
Keep the dream alive. Then when it all goes wrong and
you don't make it, at least you can say you gave it a go.
And failed, ha ha.
So enjoy reading mine, the
best poems in the world.
I know you will all come to love your new king.

King Big Head's Works:

Too many to list here. Everyone was fantastic.
So was all the films I made,
And all the radio shows. Updates

Don'T Touch Me

I know it's hard
when you see me
not to touch me

But you must see
it can never be
because I am king

By all means look at me
and kneel before me
but please don't touch me

You can smell me
you can dream about me
you can even give money to me
but please don't touch me

for I am your king

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