Kinyua Karanja

Kinyua Karanja Quotes

  • ''Truth is something that hurts especially when it's against you.You wish if it were a lie.''
    Kinyua Karanja
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  • ''I would rather know the truth and get hurt than live in lie''
    Kinyua Karanja
  • ''Optimism is very good for your life but over optimism is dangerous for your health when it fails.''
    Kinyua Karanja.
  • ''Show me a person of flattery tongue, a man of adulation words and I will show you an insincere, selfish and hypocrite character.''
    Flattery, Kinyua Karanja
  • ''Being rude is like exposing your nude,
    Being polite is right,
    Choose light and live right.''
    Kinyua Karanja,2015 poem; Harmonized evil
  • ''Life challenges allow you to distinguish real friends from fake followers but, I would rather live without problems and not knowing my real friends.''
    Friends of all times, Kinyua Karanja.
  • ''An egoistic politician is dangerous to himself and all those around him,
    he is like a suicide bomber who want everybody to go down with him.''
    Kinyua Karanja @ 2017
  • ''Lie may live to an old age, but truth is immortal.''
    Truth vs lie, Kinyua Karanja @2017

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Best Poem of Kinyua Karanja

A Convict

I was truly a convict
Declared guilty of sin by verdict
Of the most highest just juror
I was a life time wrongdoer
I deserved death penalty.
Heavily laden with guilty
A friend saw my distress
Being compassionate of my stress
Set out to help
When he heard my yelp
Leaving his noble life in heaven
He was born among men
I did all the mistakes
For him blame to takes
In world court of laws
Jury raised its jaws
He bore all the shame
And took all the blame
That was mine alone
He was a sacrificial lamb, one
Without blemish or defects

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I found myself entangled
In a real Natural Beauty.
The wonderful flowerbed
Had mysterious charming magic
That nobody could defy.
The pleasant scent from
Bright beautiful flowers
Filled the air around.
Numerous beautiful butterflies

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