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Biography of kipper Stagg

kipper Stagg poet

Brought up on a council estate in South London,
Left School at the age of fifteen years old unable to read and write.
The Middle child of a single parent family who had seen the very worst life had to throw at it
But somehow survived it all until now!
A committed Humanitarian, one time socialist now disillusioned with all political systems
And if I had to label myself I would say I am a Zeitgeistian. Updates


He once said “To know people is to have great knowledge, but to know self is to have great wisdom! ” and tenderly He tried to guide me.
“If you try to change to fast you will meet resistance”
But Love conquers all through gentle persistence
If love could tell it then tell it plain, and glancing backwards with opened mind
Delves deep within setting souls free!
Looking for answers brings only more questions
Love, pure, unadulterated calms the beast, helps us see
Hate starts where Love end

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