Kira Ulch

Rookie (07/01/1985 / Muscatine Iowa)

Biography of Kira Ulch

I'm twenty three, work full time, and am married with a son of three. My life is hectic at best. While I tend to write more fiction, short stories, and am attempting to squeeze in time to try and write my first manuscript I've always gone back to poetry. Poetry is my way of expressing myself, its my secret vise. Its my way to stay sane. Really.

Kira Ulch's Works:

None yet.(I'll keep my fingers crossed!) Updates

Paint By Numbers

I don't want to hear your philosophies
She said, seated across from us on the wooden bench seat
Hiding who she really was behind her plastic wall
Of course not, I thought, but I'll hear yours
And so we sat in that pizza shop
The sun winking outside, clouds playing tag in the blue ocean sky
Casting deceptive warmth and blowing with a chilling wind
I remember the postcards on the bathroom walls
Aruba, Jamacia, Africa, Europe, the Orient

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