Kira Williams

Biography of Kira Williams

My name is Kira Williams, I was born in a town called, St. Joseph, I cant wait to get out of this stupid town. I only write on occasion, when I'm overwhelmed with feelings. Sometimes when I write, I dont realize that I was writing about someone until it's out there for everyone to read... Updates


i want him, i cant have him and its killing me.

i see him everyday with that lopsided grin on his face and it makes me want to throw my arms around him a kiss him, but i cant...
when he looks at me, its like he can stare into my soul, and he doesnt even know it, i wish i could tell him how i feel, but im afraid of getting hurt again, i wish i could be stronger.
i want to hold him again, a hug after school is as close as it gets for me now, they started short, but now they linger, but never

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