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41. 2005/06 Give That Back/Lovesick 7/5/2005
42. 2005/07 Obstacle To Where? 7/20/2005
43. 2004/05 Together 8/31/2007
44. 2007/08 New And Different 8/31/2007
45. 2010/02 The Verge 9/16/2012
46. 2010/04 Unthinkable 9/16/2012
47. 2010/06 Let Go 9/16/2012
48. 2011/11 It's Here Inside 9/16/2012
49. 2012/04 Last Night 9/16/2012
50. 2012/09 Trouble 9/16/2012
51. 2012/05 I'Ve Seen Love Before 9/16/2012
52. 2008/12 There, There Now 12/12/2008
53. 2005/07 A House Is Not A Home 7/20/2005

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2005/07 A House Is Not A Home

The house we've built
looked so pretty on the outside
now its filled with only my feelings
and now you hardly ever come in
those times when you do
its just a shell
just your body, not your heart
just your peck, not your kiss
just your hug, not your embrace
i need your love
i need you to want me
if you dont want me then why are you in my house
that's right, my house
you've moved your feelings, your furniture out
my home gets chilly at night
imprints of your pictures on the wall
toothbrush still in the holder
toilet seat still up

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2005/08 Yum

bless those grapes
that made your kisses taste like wine
which leaves me in a drunken stupor
tipsy off of your love
on a high in another world
coming back for more
savoring every last drop..

(8-20-05) 5 a.m.

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