Kirby Realy

Rookie (July 4,1993 / KC)

Biography of Kirby Realy

im you average teenager i fight with my parents, highschool, friends ect but i have a twist i have a twin sister who is my best friend but i only see her twice a month because are parents seperated when we were 5 years old but that doesnt stop us from doing whatever we want.: D Updates

Im So Alone

I am so scared and I feel so cold and there’s nothing else I have to hold.
It’s so dark and It’s ok, I’m use to it anyway.
There’s never any one here to keep me warm, so I grab my heart and wish for hope.
I’m stuck in this dungeon screaming for help and I lost my voice because no one wanted to help.
Why is this happening I’m so alone and I cant sleep because I keep hearing something it sounds like a person but I doubt it is because no one cares about me because I’m just a kid.

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