Kiresten Falci

Biography of Kiresten Falci

I am a blonde, i am also on facebook so u can add me just send me a message if u like my poems and well i started to write when i was 10 and well i write down my feeling and it just turns into a poem

Kiresten Falci's Works:

I am close to publishing I'm working on a series and the first book is called waking up again but i am not finished yet and then im going to try and publish it Updates

Just Questions

Can you tell me why our hearts beat? Can you tell me why I feel tingles whe we touch? Why I feel nervous around my angel? Well I can answer the best way I can.
Our hearts beat because we are complete, its beats harder and stronger because we found the other half of us.
We feel tingles when we touch because our energy and heat combine.
We feel nervous because we wonder if he is the same and since we are whole, thats what makes us angels.
This is why!

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