Kirstie Kehner

Biography of Kirstie Kehner

yo.. names kirstie.. =)
i <3 mi friends && family
i tend to be a kewl person
unless yu mess with me or them
i LoVe to write <333
but i dunno if im good
**hense the sign up to the site =) **
Let me know wut yu think i guess...

Kirstie Kehner's Works:

pfft.. i wish =) .. im still working on it Updates

Teenage Calamity

Dear whoever this might concern
Your life is about to overturn
Teenage years becoming memories
Sadly, this is the familiar calamity

Ebony nights so dark and cold
Sometimes we feel there’s no one left to hold
Dreams coming back to reality with tears
And the countless crimson line start to appear

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