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Biography of KIRTI SHAH

Time is flowing so fast but memories on every moment keeps you glued to this pen. Today it has become a breath and his chase of the MIND EDUCTION Part 2, book of my poets collections which am inspired to.

Friends were complaining that NOT SPEAKING ANYTHING and While massaging through PEN (writing) they sends message of CHARLIE CHAPLIN that PROBLEM OF MY LIFE, MY LIPS DO NOT EVEN KNOW. What can I do, I'm not a performer or artist just by a PEN (writing) exactly educting & trying to purify mind and those words are slip, am arranging it. Flow of river water never coming back, but sound of flowing water continued till water is there.

Personal say that " no one “die” on death” do not know what is in our hands which can also pays. Affection we give to fillings are value of out thought.. It is impossible to bear some losses. A lesson that gives us to enjoy everything we got a chance, so later it did not measure the size of the trust.

Today, in the concrete forest; feelings have dried with the cement, its high tide back dashing wall and on low tide trying to drain. Hour going to forget everything, " Go to do everything in my" to do, let. Really, who's to blame where there is no " satisfaction"

Kirti Shah 24/07/2015

Many tries but nature slapped still not known. What standard of conduct that put into bracket. If life is a lifelong effort also hope that all tries, still remain own itself is complex, but no longer thrilled that does not gum. Tries mind to diverts. Says that out of all this suffering and - let go of anxiety, etc., they cultivate the feeling. There also may be no mode in which vibrancy of life is not sensed an opportunity when it becomes critical. Humans have a desire to manifest the nature and circumstances of developed concept of an exchange....

Sun terminating the Dark Chamber, Unaware of it. Evening and night comes and the other goes into a gap between the faces of hours, each in their own systems, no one will ever hallucinations. Master on each own.. It remains to be inattentive to the needs of the others soil has been collected, but there will be no move also urge that it gives a right, which gives credence to last forever, so the chance, which I will remain. Resolving problems still not resolved many lives that he left after subtracting what? .........

Date changes; If chronicled changes. If one takes off vertically standing next to goes off. " Setback" Many death- live a life, " Peugeot" creator defeat, a side effect. Today life after death found a link on last four months... " Manno Nicoda’(Mind Eduction)

Kirti Shah 25/8/2015

Refreshed gently jaunt into the world of intrigue administering these poems, alone in his verses personally showing way. Hold a finger in the inner arm running lights lessons showing life ahead, accept the memoir. Written beneath the burden of the mind, there is no argument that restrict, one-lane road.

It goes something searching them door to door; like handicapped body forcing to write, how the conflict started there were going to do what the new one sweeping blow from the saved & protected, life respectively. That will be walking, not even anyone to be stressed. Will now let us go only way. The changes also hear some tune, who survived the way to handle the tread. What disturbed emergence of a column of the building. The challenge was the foundation of his celebrity. What is the essence of life today?

Who had deep roots, so many old relationships, personal shelter the tree, but not the leaves to survive. Shadow did not know who got how deep its roots in the accounts of others, seeing that the amendments would increase the fair's now time to be counted, .Anyway, which found, among two believe that emerge, perhaps in the same path of life.

Kirti Shah, MANNO NICHOD -4 dated 25/09/15

Death might be part of the nature but their memories and remember the nature of the numerator of the same lineage has survived a whirl ring. Says that the soul is immortal. Still addicted to their form so far (the soul) went to talk am with. His habits of contemplating the mystery of the ideas emerging from the secret of resource to set.

It’s a habit tp leave the newspapers reading headlines but they reserve it which did surprise me, Today every line I'm reading searching from scraped newspapers. This is not live report but experienced heart made try to express it.

Somewhere in the word nay be lake of experience which enjoying knowing the thing where to express by word has own limitation Do not put the word infinite range. its writing to be incomplete. This is a discussion with the stylus, surgeon (nature) in the moment of creation creator (nature) in an attempt to mount a word.

Masterpiece designed to put in nature with the heart and with the mind eduction

Kirti Shah 23/10/15

" Today, will you come earlier" " No, I have to work, will not be possible" a routine reply continued the same perspective of life at the time did not respond not only to others but own family members. For want of money major days of whole life going through AND made just have one goal: " to make only money" We cannot spare time for others and it is not even our motive. Yes there is a age to do hard work and think about future requirement, needs to be determined, proper preservation has become a right way which are forgotten..

Late in life have enough time but does not have any fitness to do the works. The proud to buy everything and anything by money which never happened We get memories of those days passed which is only helpful by these days where we cannot pass our days. And if we lose our life partner, will make it reverse mathematics is all just live to regret that " this" and " that" did not now. The idle mind wanders here & there, searching something, somewhere, somehow, somewhere........

Kirti Shah, dated 25/11/15 " Manno Nichod" -6




Mind, eyes and tears...
A trio called 'soul'...
like or not whatever, , , ,
Be broken anywhere.....
Not enjoying invitation...
No knock..knock.. 'heart'...
Log in from anywhere...
No restrict.........But...
'soul' not understand
That saves...........

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