Knight Fizzstorm

Biography of Knight Fizzstorm

Knight Fizzstorm poet

Greetings from the honorable land of inexplicable beauty, immutable streams, iridescent meadows, rainbow infused incessant falls, woodland scented smooth faced white pines, mountains cupped with snow ridges and ice carved bridges, and lattice shaped springs, the land of unimaginable name and undisclosed location, the Kingdom of Emperion.

I, Clavicus, herald the arrival of the infamous Knight Fizzstorm. I am ordered by the Magistrate to his Majesty, the King of Emperion, to announce the banishment of Knight Fizzstorm for the following offenses; debauchery, drunkenness, wantoness and especially bad poetry.

Knight Fizzstorm has been relegated to learn the meaningful nuances of rhyme and meter so that he may learn to read and write verse in an inspiring manner. Once educated in both classic and modern verse, Knight Fizzstorm will be allowed back into Emperion to court and seek the hand of the King's daughter, Princess Chalala. Updates

Evil Cauldron's Bane

Medieval Knight replete in golden tones
your battleships invade our cliff side home,
three crosses dress your helmet and your vest,
two dueling swords proud two armed countenance.

Imposing flags that blot the light of day,
a lance of death, with five point killing blades
draped in stain you rise above the din
crusaders pledge to punish all who sin.

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