Knyima Chill

Rookie (Jan.30 / Atlanta, Georgia)

Biography of Knyima Chill

my name is Kennyetta Chellers, but go as Knyima when i write. i noticed when i think like as myself i'm not very interesting. i lived in the city but couln't help being a country girl. i love to hang out with friends, just as any other teenage girl would and i love to write. Some of my poems are about infedility because of past relationships, but most of my poems will make you laugh your tush off! ! ! so enjoy and thanx for taking the time

Knyima Chill's Works:

just an e-book with all of my **words fron the heart**...nothin' big though! Updates

They Call Her Peach...

she walks down the way, with a switch in her hips
bois on the street drool when she licks her lips
never mindin' no one but knows that all eyes are on her
she knows that her jeans make all the bois slur
he asked where she came from and why she don't care
they tell him down south (she just moved from there)
he asked her name but thats somethin those bois could'nt teach
so i turned with a sparkle in my eye and said
just call me peach

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