Knyima Chill

Rookie (Jan.30 / Atlanta, Georgia)

Biography of Knyima Chill

my name is Kennyetta Chellers, but go as Knyima when i write. i noticed when i think like as myself i'm not very interesting. i lived in the city but couln't help being a country girl. i love to hang out with friends, just as any other teenage girl would and i love to write. Some of my poems are about infedility because of past relationships, but most of my poems will make you laugh your tush off! ! ! so enjoy and thanx for taking the time

Knyima Chill's Works:

just an e-book with all of my **words fron the heart**...nothin' big though! Updates


time to start a brand new day
kinda relived in a ways
glad i can just say
i don't have to deal with all ur rules
can't wait another second to get out of skool
ready to break out and just chill cool

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