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Straight to it, my family was Mormon when I was a child but we fell away from the church when I was six. My parents got divorced when I was thirteen years old. Before the divorce I was completely bliss to emotional pain. I didn't understand my family was in turmoil. I didn't understand emotional struggles. I was autistic in this sense. I was a special needs child, I couldn't spell, read, write, or express my own emotion correctly.

My mother didn't tell me I was slow. She told me I was normal, I just learned different from other kids. She didn't want me to think less of myself or I wasn't capable of becoming more. Of course I didn't understand I was different. I believed her, and it served me well.

Through school I never gave enough effort because I was simply lazy. At the end of middle school I began to put more of my energy into learning. I read more books and I also got a cellphone. I started reading and writing messages. It was a blessing!

I had my first love in the seventh grade. She worked hard to get me out of my shell. She saw something in me that I still haven't figured out myself. I was a shy awkward child those days. I couldn't even tell a girl I liked her, I was so scared of rejection and worried about their option of me. She didn't give up though. She was the one who kissed me first. Of course she broke my heart as first loves do. After middle school I slowly became more social and confident, then high school came around.

Now, I never did amount to any sport, activity, or any commitments my first three years and some of my forth. I would join an activity and quit because it got too hard or i had some excuse to why i left. I was never disciplined to see things through to the end. I did welding for sophomore and some of junior year. I was one of the best in my class but i didn’t enjoy it. I never wanted to make a career of it, it was fun, that's it.

Junior year was a turning point in my life. I was released from the special needs program and had an IQ of 118 and college ready. My IQ didn't grow, they can't. I just put more effort into learning and understanding. I become above average in math. I focused on political structure and religion. It was fascinating to me. People found me odd for being interested in these topics at a young age. But it's what I like and understood the more i was expossed to it.

I joined ballroom 1 as an elective my second semester. It completely changed my life. I would learn dance routines fast and I was good at. The teacher notice how well I picked up on it so I became a backup dancer for the ballroom dance team (the elite class) . It was amazing! I become more confident and noticed by many girls in the classes. It felt good.

Senior year! One of the best year of my life. I accomplished many achievements. I left my old school to find a new start, somewhere I wasn’t recognized as an awkward weirdo, and it was a success. I went to State Acting. I did a solo pantomime act I created. It was an amazing experience. The people I meet, the mentors I had, made it special to me. I wish I had another year to go to state again.

I held a blood drive for my senior project, it was successful. I got a 100% on the project and 103% on the actual drive itself. My girlfriend at the time is the reason why I succeed. I meet her on the dance team. She was intelligent, strong and an amazing partner on and off the dance floor. I guess I doubted myself too much. I had no idea a girl like her would ever be interested in me but I’m glad she did.

My last year I tried many things. Choir, art, acting, creative writing, track, etc. I did everything I could before I was thrown into the real world. Social dance was the center of my life that year. I went into the year on the dance team and helped in Social Dance 1 and 2. But I have made a habit of quitting over the years of not being disciplined. I quit the dance team, so I could have a fitness class for wrestling. Which three days into, I quit. I’m not a perfect person, I can admit I failed. That was my downfall in high school. I had little to no follow through when I did anything.

After high school it has become my personal goal to destroy that habit and continue learning. Continue expanding myself and build a better future for myself and those who need a better world as well.

I went from not being able to read, speak and understand simple emotions to creating poems, pantomimes, art, speeches that evoke emotion that relates to other peoples stories. I’m not unique by any means. But I’ve over come many difficulties, I hope some will read this and not give up hope if odds are against them.

Live Life with Love.

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The Debt Of Sin

</>The value of my life is nothing.
But the cost to save my soul is more than i can pay.
What can i do, what can i say, and what will it take?

To pay this toll of my soul, to make me free from the sins tethered to my heart, tarring me apart, clogging my thoughts, and destroying my dreams.

It leaves the pieces of my heart hiding in the dark. And in a scatter I try to gather all my straight to face the day. Putting aside the sins i carry just to face another day of the growing deb

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