Kola Tubosun

Rookie (22nd September / Ibadan)

Biography of Kola Tubosun

I was born in Ibadan. I grew up and schooled there. Except for occasional travels, I am based in the old but famous South Western Nigerian town. I have schooled in Nigeria and Kenya. In 2009, I will be studying in the United States on a Fulbright grant. I work as a freelance linguist, and journalist. Some of my poems have won a few poetry prizes, one of which is the Sentinel Poetry Challenge (of November 2006) for 'Home, returning' in October 2006. I won the Christopher Okigbo Prize for poetry in 2004 with the poem, 'Creation Story'

I am a part time editor at www.author-me.com, freelance journalist at www.igwatala.instablogs.com and an absentee blogger at www.igwatala.blogspot.com

Follow me on Twitter, at www.twitter.com/baroka

Kola Tubosun's Works:

Headfirst Into the Meddle (March 2005)
Khalam Collective, Jericho, Ibadan. Nigeria.

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Love Unspoken

All the while we stand silently there
Staring aimlessly at minutes gone by.
Flighty love shining hopelessly bare
Waits endlessly, and leaves, asking why.

All the while you look at me, tender,
Like a blooming rose on a frail headland.
And smile, on the sly, knowing that love's long slender
Mind drools of slimy tears that fall on waiting hands.

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