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1. Story Of Love And Envy 5/31/2011
2. The Gymnast Of The Mind 6/1/2011
3. Chameleon Woman 6/1/2011
4. Streets Are Our Home 6/1/2011
5. This Dance Is Our Life 6/1/2011
6. My Hubby Dear 6/1/2011
7. I Don'T Remember 6/1/2011
8. Living Green With Nature 6/1/2011
9. I'M The Emperor 6/1/2011
10. Wild Spider In The Sky 6/1/2011
11. Tale Of Whistle Blower 6/3/2011
12. The Bridge 9/26/2011
13. Valentine Tweets 1/25/2012
14. Kalki's War Against The Antichrist 2/21/2012
15. Champagne Party In The Galaxy 7/6/2012
16. Mind Tree 10/22/2012
17. Idea Chicks 10/22/2012
18. Encounter 10/24/2012
19. Energy Flow Of Love 11/14/2012
20. Eternal Energy Flow 11/15/2012
21. Cultural Cocktail 5/25/2011
22. Let Us Visit Our Mother's Exhibition 5/25/2011
23. Let Us Visit Children's Exhibition 5/25/2011
24. A Trekker's Story 5/27/2011
25. Fireballs In The Sky 5/27/2011
26. Fury Of The Wind 5/30/2011
27. Tatooed Lovers 5/30/2011
28. Painting Symphony (Exotic Fiction In Verses) 6/27/2013
29. Outsourcing Love 5/30/2011
30. Allah My Allah 6/27/2013
31. New Year Baby 1/2/2012
32. The Zero And One Love Story 5/31/2011
33. Love Games On The Valentine Day 12/30/2011

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Love Games On The Valentine Day

Our hunt
To find the right partner
Mr Right and Ms Right
Ended in the cyber world
Googling over the net!

We searched the globe
Day in and day out
Web chatting
‘Orkuting’, Skyping
Blogging, ‘Face Booking’
And Twittering!
Internet made us finally lovers
Though living

On the two sides of the globe!
I remember
It was our first V Day
The fourteenth of February
The Saint Valentine’s Day
The first valentine in the world!


Babe, you told me
The story of the poor priest
Who was jailed
By the Roman ...

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Fireballs In The Sky

Fireballs in the sky
Fiery explosions
Raging inferno
Amidst engulfing hungry raging flames
Dark clouds of smoke, fumes and dust
Jumped out
Human beings with debris!

Not a dream

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