Krazy Rae

Rookie (11-29-1991 / A-town, ILLINOIS)

Krazy Rae Poems

41. Unearthly Boredom 10/29/2009
42. Falling For You Hard 10/29/2009
43. Feel The Coming Sleep 10/29/2009
44. Bothersome Irritation 10/29/2009
45. Wishin You Could Hold Me As The Weather Rages 10/29/2009
46. Behind The Eyes Of Sleep 10/29/2009
47. Unbury My Inspiration 10/29/2009
48. Pat O'Malley 10/29/2009
49. Remembrance 10/29/2009
50. Attempt To Fix A Broke Relationship 10/29/2009
51. Losing Him 10/30/2009
52. Time To Fix A Problem 10/30/2009
53. Emotional Writer's Block 10/30/2009
54. Stuck In My Ways 10/30/2009
55. Problems 10/30/2009
56. Allow Yourself To Be Free 10/30/2009
57. I'M Obsessed 10/31/2009
58. Love's Plee 10/31/2009
59. Falling To Fast 11/1/2009
60. I Am More Than One 11/5/2009
61. Unaware Of Falling In Love 11/5/2009
62. Want All Of Him 11/5/2009
63. Deal With The Loss 11/6/2009
64. In The Pale Light Of Candles 11/6/2009
65. Accept What I Can Give 11/6/2009
66. Dying Inside 11/6/2009
67. You Are My Freedom 11/7/2009
68. All His Fault 11/7/2009
69. Side Effects 11/7/2009
70. Destiny Why Do You Hate Me So? 11/7/2009
71. Anger Has Won 11/7/2009
72. Seductress 11/8/2009
73. Another Day Of Suffering 11/8/2009
74. A Broken Heart 11/8/2009
75. My Cry Of Love 11/25/2009
76. Whispers In The Wind 11/27/2009
77. I Will Always Love You 11/27/2009
78. Forever Bound 11/27/2009
79. Lost In Translation 11/27/2009
80. Fighting The Past 11/27/2009

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Best Poem of Krazy Rae

The Love I'Ve Been Looking For

MY heart longs to be with you forever.
Don't ever break my heart.
My love is all yours.
Don't leavve me alone
Babe I need you.

Everything I thought I knew changed
when I met you.
My heart that was once broken
is healing because of you.

there is no one that means more
to me than you.
All I need I can find in you.
Especially the strength
to keep going and the Love
I've been looking for.
I need you and I love you

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Alone Again

It's cold as ice outside and
I am all alone there is
no comfort for me except
to know that I am again single
and alone without you
my heart grows cold once
again and it needs to be
revived yet is there any hope
for this heart of mine? My ever
sensitive heart will survive
at being alone again

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