Kris Mercer

Rookie (April 20 1995 / I don't know)

Biography of Kris Mercer

I just a kid that wants to grow up and live it real. I have many emotions but hate to show them. I make friends everyday anywhere I go because I'm a friendly type. I know little about my parents, but I don't like them anyway. I am not emo I just write my mind. Even With so many friends I can still feel alone. Its okay because I have Very close friends (Ryan Surette, GF-Rose Dionne, and that is mostly it because I have very big trust issues. I'm a type that hates to lie and very trusting. I have a anger problem, but I have high control. I love to write poems, raps, and songs. I know little about myself because I don't care. I think about others because I love my friends and will always be there to protect them. I an good at making friends, only the girls. Its hard to make guy friends so I only have a few. I love dark evil stuff like death. Fav music- rap, r&b, screamo. Fav colors- Dark blue, Dark purple, black, white, Blood red, and yellow Updates


Room dark, knife set, arm out, trying to forget the first time we met. My tears bleed out with ease. Laughing o so slightly, its a disease. Cover up, hide all day, Hoping people won’t call this gay. Its me and my way. Razors, switch blades, shanks, there all the same. Some clean, some stained. This is my favorite game. That slight fainting feeling

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