Kris Mercer

Rookie (April 20 1995 / I don't know)

Biography of Kris Mercer

I just a kid that wants to grow up and live it real. I have many emotions but hate to show them. I make friends everyday anywhere I go because I'm a friendly type. I know little about my parents, but I don't like them anyway. I am not emo I just write my mind. Even With so many friends I can still feel alone. Its okay because I have Very close friends (Ryan Surette, GF-Rose Dionne, and that is mostly it because I have very big trust issues. I'm a type that hates to lie and very trusting. I have a anger problem, but I have high control. I love to write poems, raps, and songs. I know little about myself because I don't care. I think about others because I love my friends and will always be there to protect them. I an good at making friends, only the girls. Its hard to make guy friends so I only have a few. I love dark evil stuff like death. Fav music- rap, r&b, screamo. Fav colors- Dark blue, Dark purple, black, white, Blood red, and yellow Updates

Way I Am

Hi my name is kris,

an my raps are depressing,

I started raping ever since my heart started suppressing.

My raps are not for the weak,

so watch what you say before you speak.

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