krishna kumar

Rookie (27 01 1991 / Pollachi)

Biography of krishna kumar

: i am an 20 year old student pursuing my aeronautical engineering degree,
but all my interests actually lie on writing the poems and stories, i love two girls and they were the main reason for this, one is my mother and the other is a....yes it is a big love breeze came into my life with the name of a beautiful angel and my imaginations started blossoming in the form of poems and stories, i owe every word and every thing to her...
i have been under this work for past 3 years but i have never found any break through but i don't care about that. All i wish is to show to the world that i
have actually born for something to be admired..some day i will

krishna kumar's Works:

no i haven't published any works, but i have written many short stories, film scripts and poems soon i hope i will soon publish the book, , , , i published my stories in '' and poems on '', till now i have only won recognition for the 700 words short story'as in love as never before' Updates

Your Thoughts-

Whenever I feel disturbed
Your thoughts make me feel peaceful
Whenever I feel lively
Your thoughts make me feel deserted
Whenever I feel happy
Your thoughts make feel sad
Whenever I worry
Your thoughts make me feel joyous
Your thoughts sometimes brings the rain in my desert

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