krishna kumar

Rookie (27 01 1991 / Pollachi)

Biography of krishna kumar

: i am an 20 year old student pursuing my aeronautical engineering degree,
but all my interests actually lie on writing the poems and stories, i love two girls and they were the main reason for this, one is my mother and the other is a....yes it is a big love breeze came into my life with the name of a beautiful angel and my imaginations started blossoming in the form of poems and stories, i owe every word and every thing to her...
i have been under this work for past 3 years but i have never found any break through but i don't care about that. All i wish is to show to the world that i
have actually born for something to be admired..some day i will

krishna kumar's Works:

no i haven't published any works, but i have written many short stories, film scripts and poems soon i hope i will soon publish the book, , , , i published my stories in '' and poems on '', till now i have only won recognition for the 700 words short story'as in love as never before' Updates

War And Peace

One who loves his country more than his soul is indeed a boon to his country
By the name of it, every country loses its valuable gift every time.
Those who are involved in it, even, don't know the reason 'why'
They just fight, win or lose and at last die.
It is just a bad example the past has left for us.
It is a circle that ends at the same point where it began
And continues forever;
It can never find a solution to a problem
Because it is itself a problem to a solution;

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