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ive been writing poems for at least 20 all started after my dads death in dream is to start my own greeting card company.real rymes for the real often when you go to buy a card, its not exactly what you want it to say. so im placing a few of my favorite poems to get feedback.that way i know what people who love and into poetry, and write poetry themselves think. if and when i start my greeting card company on line, customers will tell me their situation, and i can write a poem, n make a card especially for them.todays cards dont deal with breakups, cheating, abuse, etc. well its 2009, and these are situations most of us deal with at one time or another.

krissi b'williams's Works:

windows of the world, volume 2 Updates

Wake Me Up Call

(i need to explain this to the readers b4, i submit this poem....In 'wake me up call' there are 2 very different endings to this poem/story...they will be added on as a set of poems following this 1.Also we are not allowed to use profanity, and when i 1st wrote this poem, it included curse bear with me as i change this 4m a rated r to a

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