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1. What I Will Gladly Do 4 You 10/23/2009
2. Weak N O'Bleak 10/23/2009
3. Karessa 10/23/2009
4. Life Anew 10/16/2009
5. Yin And Yang 8/17/2009
6. Hindsight....20/20 10/21/2009
7. Used 2 Know 11/8/2009
8. Finding Peace 10/21/2009
9. Reawakening 11/7/2009
10. White Dove*puritly Of Love 8/17/2009
11. Stand Still 8/3/2009
12. Rewrite The Past 10/21/2009
13. Wake Me Up Call, Cofrontation...Verse 2, Not Cheating 6/10/2009
14. So Do Some More Hoping (Best Off Ur Chest) 6/13/2009
15. Silent Treatment 6/10/2009
16. Going Green, What About The Other Colors 7/13/2009
17. So Fake....... 11/10/2009
18. I Loved You First 8/22/2009
19. I Reminiced..And Missed 8/13/2009
20. Sitting On The Fence 8/22/2009
21. Clearly Unfocused 11/10/2009
22. No Regrets, Any Longer 7/14/2009
23. Letting It Loose, And, Setting Me Free 7/11/2009
24. The Prisms Of Colors Of Your Eyes 7/7/2009
25. Wake Me Up Call....The Cheating Verse..Confrontation 6/10/2009
26. She Will Never 7/18/2009
27. War Of Colors 7/18/2009
28. Freedom/Never Take It 4 Granted 9/16/2009
29. It Isnt His Sins 8/13/2009
30. Humanity Stripped Away 9/16/2009
31. Reflection 9/25/2009
32. Backwards/Sdarwkcab 8/5/2009
33. Fate At Play 11/27/2009
34. Death's Breath 10/5/2009
35. Gloating 7/12/2009
36. Your Favorite Place To Be..In Front Of The Tv 7/10/2009
37. You Act Like Its So Easy, Still 8/13/2009
38. So Many Times B4...... 6/29/2009
39. Tshirts N Teddybears 6/7/2009
40. Hate Myself In The Morning 6/13/2009

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  • Doc Penpen B Takipsilim (3/23/2010 9:30:00 PM)

    im very new at this site. as of now i have only one poem. i've read ur straightforward comments WHY you have made a score of 10/10 to 'Lady Grace' poem. after that i tried to study ur poem- the style, the format and the way you delivered your thoughts...
    it only reflects a real-true-free-spirit- from your CAPS to the use of numbers
    your own soul IS fully expressed
    the way you see it the way you feel it...
    that's why to me this particular poem ' INTERTWINED SOULS ' is...
    (a complete you. beautiful!)


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Best Poem of krissi b'williams

I'M Not Supposed Too

im not supposed to love you
i am not supposed to care
im not supposed too live my life
wishing you were there
im not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do?
so im sorry, but icannot help myself for im still in love with you

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Wake Me Up Call

(i need to explain this to the readers b4, i submit this poem....In 'wake me up call' there are 2 very different endings to this poem/story...they will be added on as a set of poems following this 1.Also we are not allowed to use profanity, and when i 1st wrote this poem, it included curse bear with me as i change this 4m a rated r to a

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