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41. Awards-Emmy/Oscar/Grammy 10/23/2009
42. Karma/Revenge 8/15/2009
43. 'Intertwined Souls' (Ending) 8/3/2009
44. Best $50, I Ever Won 8/8/2009
45. No Right Way 7/10/2009
46. In The Middle 6/24/2009
47. Experts Testimonies 6/12/2009
48. Wake Me Up Call 6/10/2009
49. 2 Angelic Souls 8/21/2009
50. A Delightful Sight 7/13/2009
51. A Brand New 10/24/2009
52. '''...Hang...Over..'''..'''Over... It... Hung'' 6/27/2009
53. Radio's Lullaby 8/4/2009
54. Sometimes I Wonder 6/16/2009
55. Eyes Of Pity 10/5/2009
56. Living Off The Land 7/12/2009
57. Death's Breath 10/5/2009
58. Somber Shower 6/15/2009
59. Dont Ask Me 6/11/2009
60. Night Of Sins 9/25/2009
61. A Contented Sigh 11/7/2009
62. 4 Rent, Lease N Or, The Option To Buy 7/11/2009
63. Cowards Exit 10/23/2009
64. ^^^addicts **n They'Re** Addictions ^^^ 6/27/2009
65. All The Insecurities 7/4/2009
66. Dark Versus Light 8/4/2009
67. Critical 10/23/2009
68. A Heart Never Lies Revised&Renewed 7/5/2009
69. Hurts Like Hell....Revised Edition 7/1/2009
70. Ablaze 10/16/2009
71. Heres The Facts 6/17/2009
72. Different Girl 7/18/2009
73. '' After...Shocks'' 7/9/2009
74. Fill In The Blanks 6/9/2009
75. Bullets 11/11/2009
76. Burn Baby Burn, When Will I Ever Learn 7/13/2009
77. Date Myself 6/8/2009
78. Fighting Time 6/24/2009
79. Embers N A Fire Ablaze 7/8/2009
80. A Lasting Impression, A Lasting Expression 7/11/2009

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  • Doc Penpen B Takipsilim (3/23/2010 9:30:00 PM)

    im very new at this site. as of now i have only one poem. i've read ur straightforward comments WHY you have made a score of 10/10 to 'Lady Grace' poem. after that i tried to study ur poem- the style, the format and the way you delivered your thoughts...
    it only reflects a real-true-free-spirit- from your CAPS to the use of numbers
    your own soul IS fully expressed
    the way you see it the way you feel it...
    that's why to me this particular poem ' INTERTWINED SOULS ' is...
    (a complete you. beautiful!)


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Best Poem of krissi b'williams

I'M Not Supposed Too

im not supposed to love you
i am not supposed to care
im not supposed too live my life
wishing you were there
im not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do?
so im sorry, but icannot help myself for im still in love with you

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Date Myself

2nite at dinner, i was being rude...making fun of the food...
i was being sarcastic and nasty
iwas talking over people, mimicking them, being sassy
and once we got home, you got the courage to confront me...
'you simply asked me'
'when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?
if the roles were reversed
and it was was me who always screamed n cursed
at everyone around me, all my friends and family.'

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